Bridal Portraits at Pearl Snap Hall

I was pretty nervous but extremely excited to do these Bridal’s. Alyssa made it so easy, she was sweet, patient with me and happy to do whatever I wanted to try and absolutely beautiful!  This was my first time at Pearl Snap Hall and I loved shooting there, which is a charming and beautiful event venue in downtown Georgetown, only 30 minutes from Austin. Check it out:

It was a rainy, gloomy day so all of our portraits were done inside, however Pearl Snap Hall actually has a really nice outdoor area that I would have loved to have used and would make for some great portrait opportunities.

Sarah Reed, of “Let’s Do It” Vows, is an officiant and owner of Pearl Snap Hall and was so kind and accommodating. The space can be rented out for portraits, weddings and other events and I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot there again. Alyssa actually ended up loving the space so much that she booked it for her wedding, more pictures of that to come!

This first image was more of a creative edit for fun but it ended up being my favorite, and I think the bride’s, too. I may re-edit many of them with this type of treatment.  I love how we had just a big, gorgeous empty room and the lights could be dimmed or made brighter depending on the look we were going for. Thanks Sarah!!






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